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24/7 workers, extended hour professionals and those who frequently travel across time zones face unique challenges that can negatively affect their overall health and well-being.  

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Employees who work the night shift or irregular hours report that they sleep less and experience more sleep disturbances than their counterparts working traditional schedules. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from fatigue and other health-related issues than the population that works more traditional hours.

Companies and managers who rely on 24/7, or extended-hour scheduling to meet customer demands have recognized the safety and productivity issues involved and are seeking ways to protect and educate their most important assets: their employees.

Fatigue Training Online: Convenient, Effective, Authoritative

To help companies provide their 24/7 workers training on how to be more alert, healthy, and productive, CIRCADIAN, the leading shiftwork research and consulting firm, created Fatigue Training OnlineTM. 

Fatigue Training Online educates users about:

  • Managing physiological and psychological challenges of extended or irregular hours on the human body.
    • Superior sleep strategies
    • How to best manage your sleeping environment
    • Maintaining alertness and minimizing fatigue
    • Managing coping substances (e.g. caffeine, alcohol)
  • Napping strategies for maximum benefits
  • The human biological clock and its affect on daily life.
  • Adjusting your biological clock to minimize the disruptive effects of extended or irregular work hours on sleep and alertness.
  • How to deal with social and family issues that arise from working extended hours, shifts or time away from home, with emphasis on improving communication and support within the family.
  • Health and nutrition, proper timing and content of food.

Fatigue Training Online Features:

  • Authoritative information on the causes, risks, and potential consequences of fatigue
  • Multimedia content that provides different types of learners with the basic scientific principles of sleep, sleep disorders, alertness, circadian, and fatigue physiology so that they can reduce the risks of fatigue for themselves and those they manage
  • Unlimited 24/7 online access for 1-year that provides a platform easily shared with family members
  • Interactive comprehension tests that help ensure knowledge retention

Fatigue is a key issue affecting your industry and business. Trust the training and safety of your employees only to the experts at CIRCADIAN®.

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