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Online fatigue training is the cutting-edge answer to the challenge of fatigue that has plagued 24/7 operations since Thomas Edison’s light bulb lit up the world’s workplaces more than a century ago.

Fatigue Training Online, developed by Circadian®, the leader in 24/7 workforce performance solutions for more than 25 years, helps you reduce those risks and costs in your operation. Expert content, 24/7 accessibility, and unique accountability all combine to help those who work the night shift or irregular hours stay alert, healthy, and safe.

What Fatigue Training Online Offers

Specifically designed to educate employees on the risks of fatigue, this program consists of:

  • Fully narrated 45-minute modules
    • Targeted courses designed for drivers, supervisors, shiftworkers, and other specialized jobs
  • Video segments and interactive comprehension tests
    • Designed to assist overcoming literacy problems and varying learning styles
  • Self-paced but mandatory learning: No fast-forwarding! Users must complete one module and pass a quiz before going on to the next
  • Assured compliance: Online supervisor or HR monitoring of users as they progress through the training, and a downloadable certificate of completion for HR, safety, and audit purposes
  • Flexible internet training: Accessible anytime, anywhere via the internet
    • Reduces training costs and minimizes worker downtime or overtime
    • Made to fit all work, rest, and operational schedules
  • Authoritative information from Circadian, the leading experts in fatigue, alertness, and health and safety for round-the-clock operations
  • 1 year unlimited access to training and review
    • Offers family members the chance to better appreciate and help manage the shiftwork lifestyle


Over the past five years, more and more 24/7 industries—as well as government regulatory agencies, industry associations, and labor organizations—have recognized fatigue as an urgent problem affecting all levels of their operations. ANSII RP-755 set the standard for managing risk for the refining and petrochemical industries and other types of operations are sure to follow.

The time for your operation to take charge of its fatigue problem is now.

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