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Supervisors are on the front line of detecting employee fatigue and protecting the safety, productivity and bottom line profits of your company.

Many industries are now instituting supervisor fatigue training as a recommended practice. The refining and petrochemical industries, for example, recently adopted an ANSI standard (ANSI/API RP-755), which defines guidelines for a comprehensive fatigue risk management system, including supervisor training.

How do you train supervisors about fatigue?

CIRCADIAN®, the leading research and consulting firm for 24/7 operations, has developed Fatigue Training Online for Supervisors - a special web-based training program to help supervisors recognize the risks of fatigue and its impact on their employees.

Fatigue Training Online for Supervisors includes:

  • Authoritative information for all stakeholders on the causes, risks and potential consequences of fatigue
  • Multimedia content to provide different types of learners with the basic scientific principles of sleep, sleep disorders, alertness, circadian, and fatigue physiology so that they can reduce the risks of fatigue for themselves, and those they manage
  • 24/7 online access that provides a platform easily shared with family members
  • Interactive comprehension tests that help ensure knowledge retention  
  • Centralized reporting on course completion for easy tracking and record keeping by HR and Safety Managers

After working with industry leaders to design the ANSI/API RP-755 Fatigue Risk Management standard, CIRCADIAN® developed Fatigue Training Online for Supervisors to address the following issues specific to supervisors and managers:

  • The influence of staffing levels on employee fatigue
  • How to schedule work to minimize the risk fatigue
  • Managing a team of employees to minimize fatigue risk within the group
  • Recognizing warning signs of fatigue and understanding company policies to address potential problems
  • The importance of periodic reviews and guidelines for achieving continuous improvement in the fatigue management program

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