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Driver fatigue is a leading factor in heavy truck accidents.  As a result, trucking companies large and small are ensuring every driver receives training on fatigue management, making it a standard industry practice.  If you do not currently provide training or have a comprehensive plan to protect your drivers against the risks of fatigue, now is the right time!    

With more than 25 years of research and consulting experience in 24/7 operations, CIRCADAIN® has developed Fatigue Training Online for Drivers to address this need in the trucking industry.

This web-based program consists of three 45-minute courses, specifically designed for drivers, to help reduce the risks of fatigue and provide a no-hassle way for managers to educate employees, prevent accidents, and save their companies both time and money. 

What do you learn?

  • The causes, signs, and risks of fatigue
  • Sleep education and tips when on the road and at home
  • Challenges of driving at different times of day – and how to meet them
  • Healthy eating for those on the road
  • How to better balance work with family and social life
  • Alertness tips, including how to manage caffeine and other coping substances

What does the program include?

  • Three fully-narrated 45-minute courses - Incorporates video and interactive comprehension tests
  • Unlimited access to training for 1 year - Available to review all 3 courses for 1 year
  • Guaranteed compliance - Designed so the user can’t fast-forward through training
  • Flexible online training - Accessible anywhere, anytime via the internet
  • Certificate of completion – Provides drivers with certificates and allows HR departments to track who completes training and when
  • Authoritative information from CIRCADIAN®, the leading experts in fatigue, alertness and health & safety for 24- hour operations

Top 6 Benefits of Fatigue Training Online for Drivers

  1. Lowers fuel costs - studies show that alert drivers use less fuel
  2. Provides engaging expert content to your drivers anywhere, anytime online
  3. Shows your drivers how much you care about their safety
  4. Helps fight driver fatigue-related turnover and burnout
  5. Offers no-hassle training with an easy reporting option for HR, operations, and safety training managers
  6. Saves lives!

Saving your company money while protecting the safety of your drivers makes choosing Fatigue Training Online by the experts at Circadian the clear choice.

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